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How it's made

Our products are made of 100% solid Pine wood from renewable forest in Brazil.

Our factory is located in Southern Brazil and the wood used in our manufacturing come from renewable forests, with more than 700,000 trees.

These renewable forests are also located in the South of Brazil, it means we don't use trees from Amazon forest or any ilegal forest. We have an environmentally friendly replanting policy.

We attend national and international markets with a long experience in exportation to North America and Europe. Our production facility have more than 140 skilled employees, 2 factories with a total of 7000 square meters and a distribution center. We control the entire production chain, since the tree plantation until the furniture creation and production.

The high quality of our products is ensured by keeping all aspects of lumber production, from the tree plantation to wood drying under complete control, cutting-edge technology ally to quality craftsmanship and the love for what we do.

Our factory is socially responsible, follows to strict Brazilian employment and labor laws and has been commited to the employees and their families.