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Benefits of Solid Wood Furniture

With so many wonderful benefits of solid wood furniture, there are many reasons why you should fill your kids room with it. There are so many types of wooden furniture available—from solid wood bunk beds to solid wood twin beds. Wooden furniture that is made from solid wood has a simplistic design that can complement any kids room theme, which makes it easy to reuse in the future. Solid wood furniture creates an elegance that will stand out and transform your kids' room.


When preparing your kid room, there are many factors to take into consideration. There are countless features and benefits of solid wood furniture that can help ensure your kid is safe. Simply knowing that your child is using solid wood furniture will give you peace of mind and confidence. Your child will be sleeping in a quality solid wood bed that is free of any toxins that many other pieces of furniture contain. It is important to spend time looking into the quality of each piece of furniture you choose for this bedroom so that it can last a lifetime and be passed down from generation to generation.


At Simply Kids Room, we design and manufacture solid wood kids furniture using renewable resources. Our quality furniture features a simplistic and modern design that will fit into any kids room theme. We carry everything from bunk beds to twin beds beautifully designed options. Our furniture is all non-toxic, so you can ensure your little one is using safe furniture that will last for many years to come. All our non-toxic kids furniture is made with the highest quality reforest Brazilian wood that is eco-friendly as well. Experience the difference in quality and the many benefits of solid wood kids furniture.