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Why you should buy a Bunk Bed from Simply Kids Room

Our brands, Simply Nursery and Simply Kids Room, have the goal of providing quality solid wood furniture that offers safety, functionality and design to you and your family. Every product is designed and produced having these characteristics in mind, so our Solid Wood Bunk Beds couldn’t be different. Check out the advantages of having one as your children’s bed!

Guarantee your kids’ safety

All of our products are made of solid wood, more specifically, pine wood from self-owned reforestation woods in South Brazil! So, we control the origin of our raw material and the entire production chain, which means we know we are delivering quality and resistant pieces, that can be used safely. 

The finishes used in both colors – Rustic White and Rustic Hazelnut – are water-based and nontoxic. Like every single piece we sell, the bunk beds have been tested and approved by the main safety regulation organs in America.

They help your children bond and improve their development

When siblings sleep in the same bedroom, they bond more and develop empathy, emotional intelligence and learn to share and respect each other. Therefore, sharing a bunk bed should imprint these exact qualities in them, which are so important and necessary for us humans. 

We like to say that these pieces are like a tree house in the kids’ bedroom, which is a dream come true to them. Their imagination, creativity - and, therefore, overall development - will be enhanced by a bed that blends in so well with their world of playing and fun. 

This design piece adds to the room’s beauty 

The solid wood bunk beds are arguably a piece of art and will brighten up any bedroom. The two colors available let you choose between a lighter, delicate and soothing concept by having the Rustic White bed, or, if you get the Rustic Hazelnut one, a warm, cozy and natural idea. 

By adjusting the decoration around the beds, they can go perfectly with any theme and are also great assets to decorate for celebrations throughout the year, which we know the kids love. 

A contribution to the environment and the people

It’s more and more important to know the origin of the products we buy and to be conscious of our purchases. By buying one of our bunk beds you will not be harming the environment because the wood used comes from our very own reforestation in Brazil. We also own the manufacturing process and make sure to care for the planet during the whole process, as well we care for people. For example, over 60% of our employees are women, who are constantly trained, encouraged and supported to improve as professionals and as people.

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