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What To Consider Before Buying a Bunk Bed

What To Consider Before Buying a Bunk Bed

You want to give your children a playful bedroom that inspires creative thinking and supports restorative sleep. Getting your kids a bunk bed can help you achieve these goals. Find out what to consider before buying a bunk bed.

Sturdy Materials and Construction

Any time you buy furniture, consider the sturdiness of the material and quality of construction—especially when you’re choosing a bedframe for your kids.

You and your family will appreciate the beauty and durability of solid wood bunk beds. Make sure the ladder and guard rails are firmly affixed to the bedframe and that the guardrails run along all four sides of the bed.

How Much Space Each Sleeper Gets

Another thing to consider before buying a bunk bed is the space each sleeper gets. Your children should be able to comfortably sit up in bed without the threat of hitting their heads on the underside of the top bunk or the ceiling.

Mattress size matters, too. For a single child on each bed, a twin-size mattress works well. Your children can play, relax, and sleep on twin beds and enjoy the extra floor space thanks to the bunk bed.

Bedframe Dimensions

The length, width, and height of the bunk bed should factor into where you place the bed in the room. Proper placement makes the most of floor space and vertical space in the bedroom.

When considering clearance around the bed, don’t forget to take the bunk stairs or ladder into account. Bunk beds with stairs typically take up a good deal more space than ones with ladders, so you’ll need to keep a wider area clear for kids moving into and out of the top bunk.

Storage Options

When it comes to children’s bunk beds, raising the bottom bunk means bringing the top bunk higher as well. If you’d rather your child not sleep as high up, or if you’re concerned with your child sleeping closer to the ceiling, you might want to forego under-the-bed space.

If you want storage attached to the bed, consider bunk bed designs with storage features. For example, an attachable basket can hold toys and books kids love to keep near their beds.

Beauty and Fun

Make your children’s bedroom a whimsical and carefree space with a stylish bunk bed. While the bunk bed’s greatest practical benefit is that it saves space in the bedroom, kids also find bunk beds inherently fun.

Bunk beds designed with creativity and play in mind make a welcome addition to any child’s bedroom. Choose a style that will look good throughout the years so your kids can keep enjoying their beds as they grow.

Solid wood children’s bedroom furniture from Simply Kids Room looks beautiful and has a playful design reminiscent of a treehouse. Kids will love the look of their beds, and parents will love how this durable design gives each child their own space in a shared room. Shop with us today!

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