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What kind of parent do you want to be?


Parenting Coach Telma Abrahao gives tips on how to make a difference in raising children


Have you ever asked yourself this question? Are you the mother or father you would like to be today? Or are you just copying a known model because you haven't yet learned how to do it differently? Do you want to be remembered as a supportive and encouraging parent, or as someone who fights, lacks patience and hurts with thoughtless words or actions?

If your answer doesn't make you happy, calm down! There's still time to learn how to do things differently. Parenting Coach Telma Abrahão has prepared 10 tips for you:

1) Be gentle when correcting your child's mistakes. Mistakes are opportunities for learning and not reasons for punishment.

2) Develop self-control. Take a deep breath before reacting impulsively or in anger. You will forget an aggressive attitude you had, but your child will remember it.

3) Accept your child as he is and not as you would like him to be. Help him become the best version of himself. Everyone wants to be loved and appreciated for who they really are.

4) Look into the eyes! Kiss and hug! Creating connection, affection and physical contact makes the child much calmer, calmer and safer.

5) Step away from your cell phone at the end of the day and dedicate quality time. It is essential to be present with body and soul. Pseudo presence does not feed children's emotional needs and this leads to bad behavior.

6) Play and have fun together. This attitude will create many happy memories.

7) Don’t criticize your child or other people in front of them. Practice acceptance and teach respect to others.

8) Practice active listening. Listen to what your child has to say with attention and empathy! This attitude deepens the relationship between you.

9) Parents are the best gift in their children's lives. Nothing in the world replaces your love and dedication. Honor this mission.

10) Encourage them. Let your children have the freedom to experience life, safely of course. Allow them to get dirty in the playground and play freely. Allow them to make their own choices (what clothes to wear, what shoes to wear). Don't do for them what they can do for themselves. This develops self-esteem and a sense of ability.


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