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What do kids really like to do on summer break?

Research shows children prefer simpler to more complex activities.

Computer games? Videogames? Mall? Theme park? Did those come to mind? Maybe children picked not so elaborate ones. 

Research conducted by British market chain (Sainsbury’s) interviewed 1500 kids between 5 and 11 years old in order to find out what they liked to do best in Summer. The poll asked that the top activity included fun, joy and good memories. In the end, it showed children prefer simple habits. 

From the 25 activities in the ranking below, note how low were computer games and stuff that requires more planning and money. Also, take the opportunity to have some ideas on what to do with the kids this Sumer, which is just around the corner. 

  1. Playing in a playground or yard;
  2. Having a water war;
  3. Building a fort;
  4. Riding a bike;
  5. Playing hide and seek and tag;
  6. Climbing trees;
  7. Making mud cakes;
  8. Picking fruits from trees;
  9. Having ice cream outside;
  10. Feeding ducks;
  11. Planting flowers;
  12. Going to the movies;
  13. Indoor leisure spaces (bowling, skating, etc.);
  14. Having a picknick;
  15. Playing in a swimming pool or with a hose;
  16. Kiting;
  17. Going to the beach or to a park;
  18. Camping in the yard with family or friends;
  19. Going to a farm;
  20. Going to a zoo;
  21. Going to a Theme Park;
  22. Playing computer games; 
  23. Having sports or music lessons;
  24. Going horseback riding;
  25. Going on summer camp.

The poll had one more question: What would you like to accomplish by the end of your vacation? The result was that 32% of kids would like to go out with friends and 25% would like to spend more time with their parents. Notice that both in the list and in the question, what they like most are activities that involve interaction, affection e their parents’ presence. 

In the end, even though these are not American kids, we can see that what matters the most to them is not hard to get. And that can’t be very different here. Therefore, we should make sure to spend more time with them and really be present when doing so, actively listening to them and paying attention to their needs.

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