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Wallpaper Ideas for the Kids' Room

Image Source: Olive et Oriel

Thinking about decorating a child's room is always a challenge that deserves special attention, since that is where the little ones spend most of their day playing and exploring their creativity. Choosing a wallpaper for a children's bedroom is one of the parts of decoration, as this accessory is what will help bring the room to life.

To help you with this mission, today we are going to talk a little more about the importance of decorating a children's room and also give you some wallpaper ideas that will make all the difference in this part of the house. Keep reading and start getting inspired!

The importance of decorating a children's room

Many people may still think that investing in the decoration of the kids’ room is nothing more than a whim, that the child will soon grow up and soon it will be necessary to change everything again. However, decoration is not something superficial, but rather important for the development of the child.

The moment you think about the elements of the child's room, you also start to imagine accessories and pieces that will stimulate the creativity of the little one and bring colors and visual elements to entertain and amuse them.

Therefore, decorating the room with playful pieces, safe furniture, rugs and wallpaper goes far beyond wanting to make the room beautiful. It is a form of love for the child and of starting, from an early age, to stimulate creativity, coordination and also the responsibility of taking care of your own space, since when you are in a beautiful place, the tendency is always to want to keep it tidy.

Wallpaper ideas for kids’ rooms

Now that you know the importance of choosing the right wallpaper, how about starting to think of some ideas for your children's rooms? Below, you can find some suggestions that fit very well in this environment.



It is no surprise that integrating nature and natural elements in interior design has become huge. It seems like humans have been realizing more and more how important and beneficial it is to have this contact with our primary source. Nature-themed rooms inspire relaxation and are warmer. Take a look, for example, at this jungle-themed bedroom featuring our Hazelnut Bunk Bed

Flowers are another big trend in wallpapers for kids’ rooms. They create a beautifully delicate and soothing environment. In the next image, you can see the Rustic White Bunk Bed perfectly harmonizing with a flowery wall.


When it comes to soothing patterns, watercolor wallpapers are top of the list! These beauties – some are even hand painted – can make any room become relaxing, modern and artsy. Watercolor is a relaxing art form and its washed look adds lightness and calmness to any place. 

Image Source: Elo7


This is an example of a very creative and playful print. Leaving a bedroom wall for a wallpaper with a map will be beautiful but also aid development and learning. Prior contact with this type of information makes the child familiar and informed with geography from an early age.


Image source: Muravie

Pastel colors

Either on patterned or plain print, pastel tomes are one of the all time favorites.  These tones bring about peace and calmness, that is, they are great for helping your little one fall asleep or stay calmer in a moment of crying or irritation.

Opting for pastel tones in the bedroom also helps when it comes to matching the rest of the room's decor, as these colors are muted and easily go with children's furniture and toys.


Dark colors

Although overlooked by many due to thinking it would create a dark atmosphere, darker walls create contrast and thus accent the furniture and decorative pieces. They’ve been more and more present in nurseries and children’s rooms and can look incredible when used with balance with the other items in the bedroom.

Faux Concrete

Making a faux concrete wall can be a nice DIY for you and the family, but if you’re looking for an easier option that doesn’t require so much work and cleaning, having a wallpaper with a faux concrete print is a great option. It is modern but also timeless, industrial and boho too.

This time, Simply Kids Room White Bunk Bed is the star of this beach-themed room. Grab a hold of inspiration!


Geometric prints for children's bedroom wallpaper are also a great choice. They can be in one repeating shape or in different ones. This can also be an educational option, as the child can learn all the shapes by looking at the bedroom wall.

There are several options for wallpaper with a geometric pattern. They are very popular not only for children's rooms, but also for different rooms in the house. In other words, it is a sure bet on modernity and innovation indoors!

Image source: Olive et Oriel

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