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The importance of reading for children

Did you know that it is very important to keep the habit of reading for your child?

The time frame of 0 to 6 years old is known as the early childhood and is considered a very important part of a human being’s development. Fundamental processes happen during this stage, like physical growth, maturing of the brain, development of the speech, walking, sharpening the senses and initiating social and affective life. 

When the conditions offered during this time are appropriate, the little ones have more chances of achieving their best potential, becoming happier, more balanced and fulfilled adults. 

Until the age of three, the synaptic connections that will influence the little ones for the rest of their lives start happening. During this period, the child’s brain is more active than ever, being shaped and absorbing all that is new. That’s why encouraging reading is so important. The books with the most varied images and shapes will stimulate their development the most. Listening to their parents or relative’s voice while the story is told becomes a pleasant ritual and bonds them even more tightly with these adults. 

Another valuable tip is to use props, dolls, toys and other resources that bring the characters into life. They will love it!
Repetition is crucial in this stage, once that is how they absorb contents. Every time the same story is heard, a new element is understood, meaning you will always hear them say: “Again!”

A storytelling tips that you can make use of is to invite the kids interaction while making them relate to the characters and the story. In this moment, you can understand more about the child’s feelings and experiences in a way that you normally wouldn’t. For example, if there’s a part in a book where a character is forgotten and left alone, you may ask if your little one has already felt like that. This is an effective way of getting some feedback about your parenting. 

Also, make sure to ask what lesson can be learned from the book you guys have just read. By doing this, you will reinforce the messages that are implicit in the reading and elicit values and virtues. 

All in all, reading is important at every age. It stimulates creativity, imagination, memory, vocabulary and writing skills. What are you waiting for to have this magical moment with your kid?

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