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Safety Tips for Kids in the House

Anyone who has a baby or small child knows that the challenges to keep them safe are constant and extra care is needed, even at home. Playing and making new discoveries is normal, but, sometimes, they are done without thinking of the consequences and can cause anything from minor injuries to more serious situations, such as poisoning and burns.

But calm down, mom! With a few easy tips, caring for the little ones will become more simple and they will stay away from any risk! Check them out below:


Baby care

As safety measures to keep your baby away from any danger, start even before they are born, when setting up the nursery. Going for quality raw material is essential to avoid accidents. The main piece of furniture in the room, the crib, must follow some recommendations:

- Have certification for quality and nontoxicity by organizations like US CPSC and ASTM Testing. This guarantees that the furniture has gone through strict quality and safety tests;

- The space between one rail and another in the crib should not be over 6 centimeters. This way, the baby will not his feet, hands or head stuck. 

- If the cradle has mobile wheels, at least two of them must have the option to turn into non-movable. 

(Simply Nursery’s cribs attend all of these standards)

- Never place the crib near windows that do not have adequate protection, such as safety nets;

- Remove all objects and decorative pillows at bedtime to avoid suffocation.

Another point that should be considered in the baby's room are anti-tipping systems in the heavy furniture, such as chests of drawers. All of our products in these categories go with a kit for installing this system and guaranteeing the baby's safety.


Care of older babies and children

The baby's first few months go by quickly and soon he will be bigger and more curious about the world around him. Everything new and catches his attention. Therefore, some tips are essential, both for them and for children. Check out practical safety tips for different rooms in the house:



Use the burners at the back of the stove and leave the pot handles away from the edges. 

No being around hot liquids when holding the child;

Do not leave chairs, beds and benches near windows, bookshelves and tall furniture, as children can climb them.

Avoid large tablecloths, as they can be pulled by the child;


Laundry Room

Do not store cleaning products inside food packaging or drink bottles. The child can mistake and ingest them. Also, avoid leaving them on the lower shelves of cabinets. 

For a child to drown, a depth of 2.5 cm is enough. Be careful, therefore, with water in buckets and sinks, as well as toilets and swimming pools without adequate protection;

Do not leave the clothes iron within reach of the child, even if it is turned off.



Do not leave babies unsupervised on beds or couches, where they could roll over and fall;

Bunk Beds are recommended for children over 6 years old to sleep on the top bunk. 

Choose reliable furniture with a sturdy construction and raw materials like solid wood, such as Simply Kids Room’s beds.



In the bathroom, they should never be left alone, not even for a short time;

The toilet lid must remain closed;

Test the water temperature before putting the child in the bathtub or shower. 

All hygiene products and cosmetics must be kept out of the reach of children.


General tips for all rooms

Place bars or protection nets on windows and balconies;

Seal outlets and corners of furniture;

If you have a gun, it must be stored in a place of difficult access, unloaded and ammunition be separated from the weapon;

Do not say that medicine, like syrup, is sweet when they don’t want to have it. This may lead them to ingesting it on their own later on.

Use door guards to prevent children from getting their hands or fingers caught.


Our children are and always will be our most precious things, so don't hesitate to take simple measures that make a big difference!



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