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Reasons to choose eco-friendly furniture for your kids’ room

Designing and decorating a bedroom or nursery that is not only beautiful, but also sustainable and healthy for your family is key. It is often not an easy task to find ecologically correct items, but they are out there and we will show you some reasons to choose them for your kid’s room.

You won't have to worry about chemicals.

Some brands still use chemical components in the manufacture of kids’ products, such as toys and even furniture. When choosing your layette, research about the manufacturer and understand the production process and what products are used, whether or not it contains toxic materials that could be harmful to your family.

Products made of solid wood are an example of furniture that does not contain toxic components and are 100% safe for your baby and your home, unlike, for example, products made of MDF.

Eco-friendly products are free of fungus and bacteria

It's not an easy task to keep the house clean all the time, but take some extra time to keep the children’s room always organized, airy and clean. Furniture that is not made of toxin-free solid wood can contain fungi that develop quickly if the environment is not properly ventilated.

In order to keep the air pure and free of organisms that can make your little ones sick, choose furniture from natural sources, such as pinewood from reforestation. In addition to keeping your family safe, away from fungi and bacteria, you ensure that the environment has not been damaged for its production.

They can be reused and are highly durable.

The best options for those looking for long-lasting products are biodegradable options, coming from safe and renewable sources, such as wood and cotton. Once your baby grows up, these pieces will still be in excellent condition, and can be passed on to another child to use, donated or even sold.


Choosing to live in an ecologically correct way starts slowly and keeping that in mind is fundamental. Small changes have a very significant impact on your health and the health of the planet. Today, it is already possible to choose sustainable furniture for your baby's room without giving up on beauty and good taste. Change today to ensure a better, greener tomorrow for your little one.


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