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Moving with a kid: New house, new challenges

Moving into a new home can be exciting! However, change, on the other hand, is often tiring. Moving houses with a baby can be a source of anxiety for new parents. But it shouldn't necessarily be seen that way! Although challenging, starting a new chapter with a little one can be much more magical than you imagine. Boxes, suitcases, furniture, renovation… Where to start? Before you start stressing, check out the following tips. We are sure that moving to your new house will be easier and more fun!


Stick to the child’s routine

It's no secret that a kid’s routine is very important for their mood and development. Maintaining your their routine during the moving process can be very challenging! But following this step will save parents time and patience during the move. To do this, plan so that the child has the same hours of sleep and feeding that he is already accustomed to. Avoid boxing his favorite objects, such as teddy bears, usual blanket and favorite toy so he doesn’t feel so out of place.


Show them around the new house and let them into the subject

It may seem like there is no need to present each room and explain to the kid about the moving process, but remember how unfamiliar this process is to them and that taking them through these steps will make them calmer and more prepared

Tell your child about the move, show them the rooms of the new house and, very importantly, say goodbye to the old house. Show their new room and new objects. This will make the change more subtle and accepeted.


The kid’s room comes before anything else

Another important point in the moving process is the child’s bedroom. As the most sensitive member of the family, it is important that the they comfortable first. To do this, set up the kid’s room first. It is important that, at least in the first few days, personal objects such as furniture, teddy bears, toys and sheets remain the same. This way, the baby won’t be too displaced about the change!


Have the child help

This is a wonderful chance to integrate the kid and create participation and union within the family. Give them light and easy tasks, such as displaying their toys or books in shelves, or carrying light objects around – things that won’t make a big difference in the overall organization, but that will create a sense of importance and integration within the child.


Count with the help of relatives and friends

Carrying boxes, organizing items and cleaning can definitely be overwhelming, which might make the kids might feel left aside and forgotten. Therefore, an alternative is to call a trusted adult, or even hire a nanny, to care for and keep the child company while the family is busy.


Be patient and have fun!

Finally, the most valuable tip! Remember to breathe and live in the moment. It can be stressful, but every phase we go through with children is special. It's important to have fun in the process, remember the reasons why you're going through it and set an example for your little one, that although some moments in life are challenging, there's always a light and fun way to get through them!

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