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How to Prepare a Kid to be a Big Brother/ Sister

Parents normally ask a single child what they think about having a sibling. Sometimes, children are the ones who ask to have a brother or sister to play with.

Although, even when the child’s attitude about the arrival of a baby seems very positive, parents need to be attentive, since their kid’s behavior might change.

When a new baby comes, the older kid is no longer the owner of all the attention, so they can start whining or even show signs that their development has receded. So, check some valuable tips to avoid these issues.  

Talk about the important role an older sibling has.

One way to prepare a child for the arrival of a baby is telling them how important they will be in their sibling’s life. The big brother or sister will protect the baby brother or sister, be a role model, help him or her, and be a special part of his or her life.

Let them into the subjects that involve the baby

The most important thing to avoid is the big sibling feeling left out and replaced. Therefore, make sure they are integrated in the preparations involving the baby, like helping to choose the furniture, decoration, and even the baby’s name. How special would they feel to have come up with their sibling’s name?

Practice taking care of the baby with them

Your first child will not have real responsibilities with the baby, but they will like to be trained to help taking care of the little one. You can grab a doll and practice changing diapers, feeding, changing clothes, holding…

Promote their embracement

Another way to keep big bro or sis involved in your pregnancy, or in the after-birth care, is to bring the feeling of embracement into the family environment. They should understand that their love and care for the little one is very important and welcomed, because you are a family and one cares for another.

Talk about the delivery

You don’t want your child to feel lost and anxious about you giving birth, so explain that they will not be present when you do, but someone will take care of them and take them to see the baby when it’s here.

Prepare a gift for the big one

They might feel jealous of how much attention and presents the baby is getting, so spare some time to think of a special gift, and give it to your older child, saying it was brought by their little sibling with lots of love. They will feel embraced and quickly bond with the newborn.

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