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How to decorate a farm-themed kids’ room

Among the classic and most popular themes in nurseries and kids’ rooms are the little farms. Tractors, farm animals and county-life are a common interest for many children who like playing with these and would most definitely love having their whole bedroom be part of this Universe too. To achieve that with finesse, check out the tips our team has spared on how to decorate a farm-themed kids’ room!

1. Furniture is a big deal

The natural tone of wood brings warmth and a natural and rustic feeling into the room. The hazelnut color of our White and Beige Market Tent Twin Bed does exactly that. That is why this bed was chosen to be in the little farm bedroom. 

Besides having the desired look, this is also a safe and eco-friendly piece, made of reforested solid wood in the South of Brazil. It has a trundle bed too, which accounts for its versatility and practicality. 

Although this next piece was not in the bedroom we decorated, it would perfectly match the farm theme. This is the Cali Dresser from Simply Nursery, especially the version with leather handle pulls!

2. Pick the right color palette 

Colors are undeniably an essential part of design and decoration. Therefore, they should match the theme chosen and be used with balance and caution. For a farm theme, it is a good idea to have beige and shades of brown as the main colors featured. They resemble nature and inspire a nice rustic feel. They are also warm, like the wood, which adds some well-deserved coziness and relaxation. 

Still, having some nice touches of brighter colors makes the room more fun. Red and green accents will do great.  

3. Have fun with patterns

Since we went for a more muted palette, different patterns added some fun and visual coherence to the bedroom, per the stripes of the fabric in our bed and the checkered pattern in the throw, for example. This last one is a classic in farm decor and accounts for so much for its personality. 

4. Decorative items are essential.

A farm-themed room could not be complete without some very characteristic items. Besides the kids’ toys that are farm-like, you can add plushies of legumes, of farm animals and paintings or posters featuring animals. Plants are also perfect. All of that goes so well with natural items like, straw or wicker. 

You can see our Market Box Shelves being used attached to the bed and to the wall while holding some pieces. They can also hold everyday items to keep them easy to reach and practical for daily use. 

Now it’s all set and done! These little cowboys and cowgirls can play and grow up in a space full of inspiration and visual stimulation, supported by the unique safety and quality of Simply Kids’ Room furniture

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