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How To Add Personality to Your Kid’s Bedroom

How To Add Personality to Your Kid’s Bedroom

Your child’s bedroom is a special place in your home that belongs uniquely to your child. You want to create a space that balances meeting your child’s need for play and sleep. And while your child has intense interests, you want to design a room they won’t outgrow. Find out how to add personality to your kid’s bedroom.

Feature a Charming Bed Design

The prime piece of furniture in any bedroom is the bed, so it’s a great place to start when showcasing your child’s personality. A stylish bedframe, such as a solid wood tent bed, adds a whimsical touch to your kid’s room. And while it’s a playful bed design, it has an enduring appeal that your child won’t outgrow.

You can further make your child’s bed suit their personality with unique bed linens. Whether your little one loves superheroes, animals, or rainbows, consider including bed linens with fun prints.

Dedicate a Space for Hobbies

The next way to add personality to your kid’s bedroom is to create a dedicated space for their hobbies. A corner of the room works well for a cozy and imaginative area.

A children’s worktable or desk stocked with supplies invites your kid to read, write, color, draw, or build their creations. Use organizational tools like bins, drawers, and shelves so all supplies have a designated space.

Hang Fun Wall Art

Add playful accents with art your child loves. Choose pieces that reflect your child’s interests and ask for their input before hanging anything up. Of course, featuring pieces created by your own in-house artist is a fun way to showcase their individuality.

Art is a great way to add pops of color to a room without the need to paint an entire wall. Whether you want an eclectic look or something more subdued, create a cohesive look by sticking with a similar color palette or using matching picture frames.

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