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Bunk Beds: Deciding Who Gets the Top Bunk

Bunk Beds: Deciding Who Gets the Top Bunk

Bunk beds for children save floor space and encourage sibling bonding. But if your kiddos are fighting over the top bunk, take some considerations into account before solving the dilemma. Think of the following factors when deciding who gets the top bunk of a bunk bed.

Age Limits

Safety is the top priority when determining which child should sleep in which bunk. Children under six years of age shouldn’t sleep on the top bunk; instead, give your younger child the bottom bunk. The closer the bottom bunk is to the ground, the safer it is for your child to get into and out of bed.

Regardless of your child’s age, the top bunk should have guard rails that prevent your kid from falling out. Additionally, your child will find it easier to climb up and down a ladder with a base that’s angled away from the bed rather than a ladder that’s completely vertical.

Personalities and Sleep Habits

Another consideration when deciding who gets the top bunk of the bunk bed is your children’s personalities and sleep habits. If one child gets up more often in the middle of the night, that child should sleep on the bottom bunk. It’s safer to leave and return to the bottom bunk at night, and getting in and out of the top bunk causes more disruptive noise and bed movement than the bottom bunk.

If one child is more athletic, the top bunk could be a good choice for them. Since it takes more coordination and strength to ascend and descend a ladder, a less rambunctious child might ultimately like to forego the top bunk.

Possible Compromise

Finally, it’s possible to compromise on the sleeping setup and give both kids access to the top bunk. Make a schedule for who gets the top bunk and firmly adhere to it. Whenever you change the bedsheets would be a natural time to switch who gets to sleep in the top bed.

If you decide to carry out this compromise, the kids might find they have a preference for a specific bunk. And more than likely, they will want to have their own beds long-term soon enough, which makes it easier to personalize their own sleeping spaces.

No matter who gets the top or bottom bunk, giving your kids a solid wood bunk bed from Simply Kids Room sets the scene for safe and restful sleep. Made from reforested Brazilian wood, this whimsical bunk bed is sure to be loved by all. Shop with us today.

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