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5 Ways To Maximize Space in Your Kid’s Room

5 Ways To Maximize Space in Your Kid’s Room

Your child’s bedroom doesn’t need a lot of square footage to feel spacious. Smart planning, the right equipment, and a good layout can give your kid a room that encourages creativity, sleep, and personal responsibility.

Give your child a room they love with these five ways to maximize space in your kid’s room.

1. Optimize the Furniture Layout

Children do many things in their rooms including sleeping, playing, reading, and creating. You can designate zones in your kid’s room to help them stay on course while saving space. Place the bed parallel to the longest wall; if possible, place desks under windows so your child gets plenty of natural light in this area. Choose child-safe furniture that doesn’t take up excess space.

2. Use Vertical Space

Another way to maximize space in your kid’s room is to utilize vertical space. Rather than having a thick bookcase that takes up floorspace, attach bookshelves to walls. Install sconces or push lights on walls instead of using table lamps to give your kid more table space.

Probably the largest piece of furniture in a child’s room is the bed. If your children share a room or if you have frequent sleepovers, getting a bunk bed is a fun and practical space-saving solution. A bunk bed takes up about half the space of two beds and gives each child their own space.

3. Keep Toys Arranged

It’s easy for a child’s room to become chaotic and overcrowded with toys and other small items. It’s important for everything to have a designated place so your child knows where all toys should go and they can be responsible for putting their things away.

Stuffed animals might go on the bed and other toys might go in a chest or baskets. If your child has a toy that you don’t want them to have ready access to, you can place the toy on a high shelf.

4. De-Clutter

It’s not possible to make the most of your space if you have a lot of clutter. All the storage tricks and the best layout won’t make up for the space that unnecessary stuff takes up. Periodically go through your child’s things and donate, sell, or throw out items that no longer serve your family. You can bring your child on board to ensure you keep the things they value most.

5. Use Smart Storage Options

Finally, the best storage options keep items secure without taking up excessive space. You can eliminate the need for a large dresser by hanging your child’s clothes in the closet. Shoes can be kept in storage bins in the closet, too. Bins and baskets make it easy for children to access things they want, like toys and comfort objects.

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