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5 Reasons To Choose Solid Wood Furniture for Your Home

5 Reasons To Choose Solid Wood Furniture for Your Home

You have so many choices when it comes to furnishing your home. You want to combine beauty, comfort, durability, and value.

It’s all possible with solid wood furniture. Learn five reasons to choose solid wood furniture for your home.

1. Solid Wood Furniture Is Durable

Wood furniture stands the test of time. Step into any antique shop, and you’ll find solid wood furniture that looks as great today as it did when it was built. Whereas particle board can crumble when the veneer peels away, wood is long-lasting. If you have a busy household, you can rely on the stability of solid wood.

2. It’s Easy To Maintain

Simple maintenance can keep your furniture at its best. Here are some tips:

  • Dust regularly with a soft, clean cloth or feather duster.
  • Don’t let water sit on the wood. Use coasters under glasses to catch condensation. Immediately wipe moisture off the wood.
  • Spot-wash wooden furniture as needed with wood cleaner.
  • Alternatively, you can wash wood with a soft cloth lightly dampened with warm, soapy water. Wipe the wet area clean with another clean, slightly water-moistened rag. Immediately dry the area completely with a soft, dry rag.

3. It’s Simple To Repair

Another reason to choose solid wood furniture for your home is that it’s easy to repair. There are several methods for repairing scratches and dents in wood. For example, you can use furniture-patching wax sticks to fill in scratches. You can find these wax sticks in many hardware stores.

Simply put, with this method, you select a wax stick in a color that matches your wood. Then, press the stick into the scratch with enough pressure to fill the gap with wax. Then, remove the excess wax, let the remaining wax dry, and buff the area for a smooth finish.

4. Real Wood Has Timeless Beauty

Another reason to choose solid wood furniture is that it has timeless beauty. Because wood is a natural material, its appearance appeals to everyone. Wood has warmth and character that can’t be replicated, and it can grow more beautiful over time.

Wood fits into several aesthetics. Whether you want a minimalist, rustic, transitional, or another style, use wood to anchor the design. The warmth and familiarity of solid wood feel like home.

5. It’s an Eco-Friendly Material

Finally, when you purchase solid wood furniture from a reputable manufacturer, you buy a sustainable product. If ethical manufacturing is important to you, then you’ll find solid wood furniture appealing.

At Simply Kids Room, we own our supply of Brazilian pine wood. By using 100-percent renewable wood and engaging in other sustainability practices, such as not using harmful pesticides, we create eco-friendly furniture. And the durability of wood, combined with our craftsmanship, ensures you won’t have to replace our solid wood furniture due to poor quality.

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