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5 Furniture Décor Ideas for Your Kid’s Slumber Party

5 Furniture Décor Ideas for Your Kid’s Slumber Party

Slumber parties are special moments in childhood friendships. Your kid is sure to love having their friends over, bonding, and creating memories to last a lifetime.

Set the scene for a party to remember. Check out these five furniture décor ideas for your kid’s slumber party.

1. Outdoor Party Table

Kids’ parties are often loud and messy, which is all part of the fun! You can set up a table in your backyard so that the kids can take the party outside.

Cover the table with butcher paper or a wipe-able tablecloth and have craft supplies ready. Help the kids out as they make their own party favors. This is a great way for them to soak up the last of the day’s sunshine and start the party off with a bang.

2. Blanket Fort

For a classic take on a whimsical kid space, build a blanket fort! The kids will have a blast setting this up with you. Just be sure to have all the supplies prepared beforehand.

There are many ways to build a blanket fort. You can use chairs to hold the tent sheet up or hang the sheet with a clothesline running through the room. Place thick blankets on the floor in the tent and add plenty of cushions and pillows. Finish off the cozy retreat with string lights.

3. Market Tent Twin Bed

Our market tent twin bed gives your child a comfortable place to sleep every night. It’s also perfect for playtime, which is why it’s our next furniture décor idea for your kid’s slumber party.

Striped fabric drapes over the solid wood twin bed frame, transforming the bed into an imaginative market stall. Add our optional market box shelf that attaches to the bed to give the kids a container for their market goods.

Pull the comfy trundle bed out for your child’s friend. Then, conveniently tuck it away again when the party ends.

4. Movie Night Snack Trays

If the kids are going to enjoy a movie night at your place, make sure they have a way to keep their snacks close by. Having their own personal snack trays makes this moment feel more special.

Foldable lap trays keep snacks accessible for kids chilling out on the floor. Another option is to give the kids cardboard trays that keep their snacks gathered and organized.

5. Floor Cushions

Do you have enough chairs for all the kiddos? Are you concerned about the chaos of multiple kids moving chairs around in your dining room? You can forgo chairs altogether and create a casual space with floor seating around a low table.

Mix and match cushion designs for an eclectic vibe. Place round or square cushions covered in colorful and patterned fabrics on the floor. The kids will get excited choosing their own cushion to sit on as they eat, play games, or craft.

Simply Kids Room encourages kids to dream big. Make our twin bed tent the centerpiece of your kid’s room. The stylish, solid wood bedframe inspires creativity and restful sleep. Check out our collection of kids’ furniture today.

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