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5 Creative Ways To Keep Your Children Busy at Home

5 Creative Ways To Keep Your Children Busy at Home

Improve your children’s skills, creativity, and understanding with enriching activities. The following ideas can save your kids from boredom and give you time to do things around the house; explore five creative ways to keep your children busy at home.

1. Build a Blanket Fort

Kids love the thrill of building a fort and spending time in it. Whether you supervise your older kids as they build or do most of the heavy lifting for little ones, everyone will love the result.

You can use a child’s bedframe as an anchor for a super comfy fort. Once the fort is up, the kids will enjoy the fun space for activities and make-believe.

2. Illustrate a Comic

Are your kids no longer interested in coloring books? Have them illustrate their own comic! Depending on your kids’ ages, they might draw a single scene or fill out several panels.

Guide your kids in brainstorming their stories and which scenes they want to draw out. Then, let them illustrate and color their comics. Afterward, they can share their stories.

3. Create a Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is another creative way to keep your children busy at home. Give your kids a clue that will guide them to the location of the second clue somewhere in your home. When they reach that location, they’ll find a clue to the location of the third clue, and so on. At the end of the trail of clues, your kids will find a prize, such as a toy.

You can find ready-made clues online or make your own. Rhyming clues make excellent riddles, and if your children can’t read yet, you can leave visual hints instead.

4. Craft With Paper Plates

With paper plates, scissors, construction paper, glue, markers, and paint, your kids can have hours of fun making animals and objects. Paper plates can be used to create whimsical versions of dinosaurs, fish, rainbows, jellyfish, and more.

Supervise your children and help them color and put together their paper plate crafts. When they’re finished, you can hang their art on a wall. Over time, you’ll have an impressive gallery display.

5. Listen to Audiobooks

Finally, if you want a simple way to immerse your kids in a story, have them listen to an audiobook. Choose an age-appropriate story they can follow and enjoy.

Your kids can do other activities, like drawing and coloring, as they listen to the audiobook. Or they can read along in their own books as the audiobook plays to strengthen their reading skills.

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