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3 Tips for Creating a Room That Inspires Kids’ Imaginations

3 Tips for Creating a Room That Inspires Kids’ Imaginations

Kids have interminable energy and creativity; your role as a parent is to help them unleash it in a safe and productive way. One way to accomplish this is by turning their bedroom into a room where they can express themselves freely. But how do you make a room that's conducive to your child's activeness and inventiveness? Here are our top three tips for creating a room that inspires kids' imaginations.

Don't Shy Away From Color

Color can be scary for parents. If you combine colors in the wrong way, it will look strange and potentially even tank your home's value. But just like how childhood is but a fleeting stage in your child's life, color, too, is temporary. So, for now, have fun with it!

Paint the walls in vibrant hues, tack up wallpaper with cutesy and colorful patterns, and pick out furniture featuring pops of color. You can always repaint or swap out furniture later. These colors will positively affect your child's mood, help them learn, and most importantly, inspire them to be as brilliant and expressive as they can be.

Choose Fun, Multifunctional Pieces

Our next tip for creating a room that inspires kids' imaginations is to incorporate pieces that double as a functional item and a play item. A desk with room underneath can double as a play fort, a mesh hammock can double as storage and a basketball net, and a treehouse bed or market stall bed is great for both naptime and playtime.

Items like these don't just encourage play; they also encourage children to do daily activities and chores by making them more exciting. No child will say no to a game of laundry basketball or a nighttime treehouse stakeout!

Leave Room for Them to be Artistic and Active

It can be tempting to crowd your child's room with all sorts of furniture and cute knickknacks, but if you want to encourage creativity, it's important to leave room for play. Try to keep the center of the room empty so your child has room to run around and be active. A reading nook is an excellent way to encourage them to read and explore fantasy worlds. Furthermore, creating an "art corner" with a desk, chalkboard, pinboard, and display shelves will unleash their inner creator.

If you're looking for fun, whimsical items for your child's bedroom, come and see what Simply Kids Room has available today! Our kids' furniture is safe, sustainable, and built for both practicality and play. Our bed tents for kids, for example, function as both a bed and a cute market stall where they can pretend to be a shop owner for the day. We also carry treehouse bunks and other amazing accessories for your child's room.

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