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13 tips for moms not to be overwhelmed by routine

Only after having children can you value the free time you had before getting pregnant. But when you see your healthy and happy baby, no feeling can be more rewarding.

The problem is when you're in the middle of chaos, trying to do a thousand things at once, and you still have to be a good mother. How to handle everything? The truth is, sometimes you won't handle everything, and that's okay.


Set boundaries

Children need boundaries to understand what they can and cannot do, what is right and what is wrong. They depend on you to know these differences, and you do that by setting boundaries. Organize a routine with flexible hours for all activities of the day, making the management of the children's day to day easier.


Don't ban everything

Sometimes it seems easier to stop the child from doing something than to keep an eye on them, so they don't get all dirty or hurt themselves. However, the world of the little ones is made of discoveries, attempts, errors and success. Do not forbid your child to do things. Give them small responsibilities to make them proud to complete them.


Don’t solve every problem

It may seem irresistible to go into the children's room, stop whatever fight they are having and ground them. But if you do that, how will they learn to resolve the conflicts they created? You can mediate the situation, but you don't have to solve everything for them.


Be flexible with the rules

Children learn the rules little by little, so there's no point in demanding too much more than what they can do. Leave your child free to choose what to wear, choose between two or three food options for dinner, sleep on the floor instead of the bed. Only worry about the most important rules.


Play with your children

When your children invite you to play, do your best to play with them. Let them choose the game and make their own rules. Just be present and have fun with them, because these moments are unique.


Create affective memories

Surely, you remember certain activities that you liked to do in your childhood, songs, games and fun habits that you had at home. Create these affective memories with your children, as they will be part of their life story.


Answer the questions

Yes, young children ask millions of questions every day. Be patient and always answer, even if it's just to say that you don't know, but that you can find out together. Your child will trust you more and admire you for it.


Own up to your mistakes

When you make a mistake, whether it's with your child or someone else in his presence, don't deny that you made a mistake. This moment is an opportunity to teach your child that everyone makes mistakes and can apologize, and that's okay.


Tell the truth

You definitely want your child to be honest and sincere, instead of lying. So lead by example. Always say the truth about things, respecting your child's level of understanding, according to their age.


Show affection

Your child will learn about family love, emotional safety, and empathy by seeing that you and your partner love and respect each other. Show affection for your partner in front of your kids, as you will be the first example of a relationship they have.


Respect others

If you want your child to be respectful of others, be the best role model. Respect all people as you wish to be respected, always.


Compliment them

Kids needs to feel that they have value in your life and that they are doing things the right way. Praise them whenever you can. And when they make mistakes, teach them how they should do it right, without offending them or making them feel humiliated.


Be flexible with life

It doesn't hurt to order food once in a while, instead of preparing a healthy dinner for everyone. It doesn't hurt to make your bed later on a day off. It doesn't hurt to leave some tidying up for later when you're paying attention to your child. Be flexible with life.


Source: Blog Gravidez Online

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